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Google Ads marketing

Boost Your Reach with Google Ads

Oglaševanje v iskalnem omrežju

Google Ads marketing (AdWords)

Advertising on Google is a great channel for companies that sell products online, and B2B companies that want to gain quality business contacts.

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  • Asset 1 Strategy
  • Asset 1 Marketing
  • Asset 1 Business growth

Effective Google Ads marketing

The Google Ads platform offers many types of campaigns. With Google search advertising, we lease keywords and show ads to interested users on Google search. Banners and video ads can reach users on Google’s partner sites and apps, and on YouTube. With advanced remarketing, we once again address the visitors of our website.

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Oglaševanje v iskalnem omrežju

Advertising in
search network

With Google Search Network, we show ads in search results on Google and other Google sites. We set up search campaigns with in-depth keyword analysis. We structure our campaigns accordingly and set a cost-per-click (CPC) or select an appropriate automated bidding strategy. This is followed by the preparation of text ads, and for better results we also use ad extensions. By optimizing our ads regularly, we ensure that they appear as high as possible in our results. We also take care of importing conversions from Google Analytics.

What does
google ads marketing look like?


1. Current state overview

By reviewing your operations and existing activities, we identify the causes of your problems.


2. Strategy and planning

We will be in line with your company’s goals
prepare a modern and communicatively suitable and
effective advertising plan.


3. Start

We design and set up ads that will appear on the desired sites.


4. Responsiveness monitoring

We monitor and edit the performance of your ads.


5. Growth

We help and advise on the further development of your company.

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